#kurt theres a girl touching me #kuuuuuuuuuuurt the lesbians touching me inappropriately #kurt what’s going on? #kurt i don’t understand #kurt save me

omg! It’s so perfect for his face there though.

@darrencriss: This shit is bananas. I’m a tired panda. And my happy circuits have been meddled with. I’m gonna sleep this one out. Good night, world. 

klaine challenge: domestic!klaine

blaine + season 5 polos

favorite klaine moments

Klaine Posts : Based on this (x)

I would love to sing “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. I would be Nicole Kidman, of course. (x)

I’m going to perform a song that I have loved since I was six, but I think for the first time in my life, I finally understand what it means.

↳ Glee + well-known things from episodes

Klaine Locations | The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion/ The McKinley High School Auditorium (2/10)